Camp Carton -Year Two

Delta Deep – Live[/caption]

In 2014 we were fortunate to shoot a mini documentary on a new outreach for children with Tourette Syndrome. Craig Carton, founder of Tic Toc Stop, created a summer camp where kids with Tourette Syndrome could get together with peers and build lasting relationships based on similar experiences. For many kids, it was their first glimpse at independence from their guardians. Through team building exercises, a plethora of energy-charged activities, and good old fashioned fun; these kids grew together and vowed to return in 2015.

Year two ( 2015) is a followup video featuring many familiar faces along with a host of new campers. This year, the camp TRIPLED in size! We are happy to showcase a glimpse of what Camp Carton had in store for their second annual summercamp event.

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